El Calafate

El Calafate is a large-capacity backpack. It reminds of cyclists’ messenger bags or of unsinkable submariners’ bags. It has a small side pocket on the outside and contains a large neoprene partitioned pouch inside. This backpack can carry your 15-inch laptop safely, as well as plenty of useful accessories for the day. Its fold-unfold fastening allows flexibility regarding what can be carried in it. With two magnets inserted in the upper part of the bag, it can be closed with one click, then folded on itself twice in a normal position. The metallic buckle then seals it all safely. It has a zipped pocket inside, as well as the recognizable MAR marbled lining.


Dimensions: 36X45X21 cm




Bag, full grain cowhide soft leather nappa

Lining, 100% polyester printed by the means of sublimation

Sturdy, soft-touch handles 100% poly-cotton

“gunbarrel”-colored metallic accessories, brass & Zamac


Weight: 1.3 kg


CHF 570