- version from the 2nd of September 2017 -

The purchase of products displayed on is subject to the following General Terms of Sales. (Hereafter: GTS)
Any order placed on the website is reserved for individuals only. Reselling or distribution of the MAR products bought on is strictly forbidden.

MAR can update these GTS at any time.

When an order is placed on the website, you will be required to accept the hereafter GTS in force at the time of your ordering.


    The website enables the ordering of MAR products via the Internet for a delivery to the countries mentioned in the delivery list shown when you place an order.

    For any special order or a request about an order that has already been placed, you can contact MAR by e-mail at the following address:


    MAR products are limited editions. MAR bears no liability in case of stockouts or unavailabilities of the products displayed online.
    MAR reserves its right to change at any time and without prior notice the items sold on the website. If an item has become unavailable after the ordering, an e-mail will be sent to the customer as quickly as possible, asking them to choose between ordering another item from the website or canceling the order. If the buyer wants to cancel their order, the amount which has been paid will be immediately refunded to their bank account.


    When the buyer orders an item, he must check the accuracy of the selection before placing the order. Slight variations in color may happen between the pictures on the website and the real products. This is partly due to the technical limitations of personal electronic devices, partly to possible variations in the batches of the leathers we got. Therefore, MAR cannot be held responsible for mistakes or inaccuracies on the photos or graphic representations of the MAR products shown on the website.

    When placing an order, the customer must provide accurate and complete information on the online form.
    MAR reserves its right to refuse a customer's order if MAR considers that this customer hasn't respected the GTS explained here or for any other legitimate reason.


    The prices of the MAR products are in Swiss Francs (CHF), VAT excluded. The total amount of the order includes delivery, depending on the selected option. If the delivery address is out of Switzerland, the total amount of the order is calculated VAT excluded. Local VAT is paid by the buyer at the moment of delivery directly to the shipping company in charge of the product.

    MAR reserves its right to change, at any time and without prior notice, the prices of the items displayed on the website. The products are charged according to the prices displayed on the website at the time of the ordering, this being subject to the availability of the products ordered at that time.

    Our partner for secure online payment accepts the following cards: MasterCard®, Visa®, Postcard. The order will be shipped after verification of the payment method chosen by the customer and upon receipt of the debit authorization of their card.


    The products that have been ordered shall remain the property of MAR until the bank transfer has been accepted.


    The products bought on the website can only be delivered to countries listed on


    The shipping costs are calculated according to the products ordered, the delivery service and the country of delivery. Other taxes, like for example extra customs duties may apply in some countries. Since customs policies can differ a lot from one country to another, MAR cannot anticipate the costs that could be charged because of those policies and cannot be held responsible for any taxes, customs duties, importation taxes that would be charged upon receipt of the ordered products.


    All the orders will be processed as quickly as possible, from the moment the order has been placed, at the displayed prices and under the delivery conditions explained in this text. Most of the products aren't in stock at the time of the ordering, which implies a variable delivery time. Our products are made in a small, traditional family company in Italy; they are produced in small series regarding the demand.
    The delivery time, given here indicatively, non contractually and by region if the products are in stock, are the following (working days from Monday to Friday):

    Switzerland: 7 days
    Europe: 10 days
    World: 15-20 days
    Those delivery times are only indicative and induce no obligation whatsoever. If the products aren't in stock at the time of the ordering, MAR reserves its right to an additional deadline needed for the manufacturing of the products; that deadline can extend up to 8 weeks.


    MAR bears no liability for the risks involved, among them loss, theft or damage for the products during transit or on delivery.

    In case of a defect/flaw in the items or if you are not satisfied with our products, it is possible to return them for a refund or to exchange them under the following conditions:

    Any product ordered on can be returned for an exchange request during the 14 workdays as from the delivery day by using the MAR exchange application form that can be found in your package.
    The products must be shipped back with the bill (or a copy of it in case of a partial return), the exchange application form duly completed, in their original packaging and condition, to the following address:

    Rue des Prés 81
    CH-2503 BIENNE

    tel. +41795154826


    In case of an exchange:

    - if the price of the product(s) chosen instead is higher than the price of the returned product(s), the customer will have to pay the price difference according to the instructions that will be given by an e-mail from MAR.
    - if the price of the product(s) chosen instead is lower than the price of the returned product(s), the price difference will be refunded by MAR directly to the customer's card or bank account.

    In case of a refund:

    - the return fees are payable by the customer
    - MAR bears no liability in case of loss, shipping to the wrong address, delivery delay for a returned product, since the customer is responsible for the risks and conditions of the means of transport chosen by them.
    - MAR will refund the price of the returned products to the customer's card or bank account, once the products have been received by MAR.


    The privacy policy of the website regulates the use of personal details that are given to MAR on its website that is to say:

    - the users' data will stay confidential and won't be shared with third parties, except for our partners in charge of payment and delivery of the products;
    - the data won't be sold to third parties under any circumstances;
    - the customer's contact data can be used by MAR for advertising or occasional newsletters.

    MAR can update its privacy policy at any time.


    The MAR brand and logos, registered or not, that are displayed on the website, as well as the domain name "" are, and will stay, the exclusive property of MAR. They are protected under the rules of intellectual property. Any reproduction, distribution, transmission, modification or use of these brands and logos without prior agreement is therefore strictly forbidden.

    In addition, the MAR products themselves, with all the elements (texts, brands, logos, designs, models, illustrations and pictures) displayed on the website are the exclusive property of MAR. They are protected by intellectual property. It is therefore strictly forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit or sell all or part of the contents of the website, or to create derivative works from it.


    The present GTS, as well as the contract between MAR and its customers are governed by the laws of Switzerland.
    The court of jurisdiction is Bern.